Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aging Dog, Old Cat, & Excuses

I feel like a bad blogger. It's been a busy week, and blogging got pushed to the bottom of a "to do" list which never got done. My daughter left alot of clothing behind when she moved. Some, I donated to our local Salvation Army, and some, I've been listing on eBay this week. I have a storage bin full of cross stitch paraphernalia I've been meaning to list for some time now, since I no longer do cross stitch. I barely scratched the surface of that pile, but I at least got started.
I love the privilege of selling no longer needed items on eBay, but it is so time consuming! I'm sure if I did it more, it would become quicker for me. Writing out the listings, taking pics and loading them, packaging and weighing the items, then calculating postage all takes so long!
Added to the eBaying, I had my mom and her husband here visiting for the last few days. That meant shopping for supplies, and cooking ALOT. All that extra cooking required all that extra cleaning. I don't cook as often when it's just Hubby and I. My mom offers to help, but she feels bad most of the time and I know it's hard on her to be on her feet for long. She had surgery on her neck and spine two years ago, and it's been a long and painful recovery for her.
Last night was their last night here. As it was a cool evening, Hubby lit up the Chiminea and we all sat outside by the fire for a couple of hours, talking about old times, old movies, old movie stars, the Lord, and whatever else came to mind. It was a nice evening.
I also managed to squeeze in a tiny bit of knitting during the last week, but I don't have any FO's to show for it. Soon...really!
This week should be easier as I have less commitments. I just finished the heel flap on each sock of the Magic Stripe pair I'm knitting. I'm nearly through with this preemie hat at Wool Windings. It's a quick knit if I had just had the time to sit down long enough to finish it.
One of my readers accused me of favoritism pointed out to me that I am always showing pics of Leyna, my Min Pin, but never mention my aging dog and old cat. So, MSM, to prove they exist and that I do love them enough to take their pictures, I present to you...
Aging Dog~aka~BooBoo
Old Cat~aka~Puddy

BooBoo~aka~Mommy's Iddle BooBoo (is there an 'aka' useage limit on Blogger?)

BooBoo (& now deceased Sally's hiney in left corner)

Puddy Tat (betcha wish your pets had such creative names)

Puddy in the Kitty Pi felted bed I made her, which Leyna claimed as her own.

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MSM said...

Are. You. Kidding. Me.

I think Leyna is cute, but that first pic of BooBoo: likely the most adorable animal I've ever seen.

The Puddy Tat doesn't look one hundred years old, just lazy like they (cats) all do. . . . but sweet.

So VERY glad you shared!!! : )

(And I agree about eBay - - I must must must get back to listing some unused / unwanted items that are piling up - - but I have to muster up the will to deal with the trouble of it.)

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of BooBoo curled up. Makes me want to pick her/him up and put her/him on my lap. Cozy. My two girls/Boxers are getting up in age, the older one is 11 and sleeps a lot now. Hard to see them get older, she is a great dog and so wonderful with little kids. :-)

Sounds like you had a wonderful time with their visit and that is so important.

Wool Winder said...

This will likely be a busy week for me too. My son and his girlfriend are here for a visit. More cooking, yes, but more fun too.

Jennifer said...

Great pics! Love the pets.

Sounds like you had a bit of extra work for a visit that was well worth it.

Tipper said...

Glad you enjoyed your busy week! I love BooBoo with the sweater! Too cute!

Randi said...

Booboo is so cute and fluffy! She must get hot in the summertime?

Ebay sounds the same as Etsy. By the time I get done posting my stuff, I am about to scream for all the time it took. It sure is convenient, though!

I do hope this week is a restful one for you!

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

You've been a busy lady! We enjoy hearing from you, but realize that life's projects may have priority!

cinnamongirl93 said...

Your BooBoo is so sweet! I love the little sweater. I'm glad you had special time with family. That is so important! BTW what is a Chiminea? I have never heard of this?