Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Knitting & Pets

I originally set out to make this a knitting blog. Then I realized knitting blogs are actually supposed to be about ..well..knitting. Though I haven't exactly mastered the craft, I do love to knit. I just don't seem to finish too many projects. I suffer from KADD (knitters ADD). Seriously. I start new projects all the time. Many of them are near completion, but when it comes to that last stretch, I lose interest and move onto a new one. Other than knitting a couple of pairs of wristwarmers for my daughter and my niece, I did no gift knitting this Christmas. And I dare to call myself a knitter.

For me, knitting, as with whatever my current hobby, is something I tend to do in spells. I'm the same way with reading. I get on a reading kick and I can barely stand to be without a book in my hands. When I'm knitting, I want to knit around the clock. Now, why can't I be that way with exercising?

I knit the Kitty Pi felted bed last year for our cat, Puddy. This is the one and only time she got in it, and even then, only with bribery. I propped her within good eyeshot of the birdfeeder. I figured since Puddy didn't really care for the bed, I'd give it to our new little Min Pin, Leyna.

She looks pretty cozy in it, doesn't she? She likes that it's small enough for her to drag to a sunny spot for her nap. Did you know Min Pins are extremely cold natured? Since she discovered I have a heated mattress pad on my bed (dh doesn't turn on his side), she's become my new best friend at bedtime.

Back to the cat. Apparently there was a trace of jealousy on Puddy's part. I found said bed in the living room tonight bearing the distinctive odor of cat pee. I mean it STUNK. There is nothing so distinguishable as the odor of cat pee. Puddy hasn't peed in the house since the day we brought her home from the vet to have her spayed, well over ten years ago. I'm guessing she wasn't too happy about that, either.

Sigh. I'll have to wash the bed tomorrow and reshape it to dry. I've never washed any of my knitted-felted items before, other than for the initial felting process. I hope it doesn't felt more. We don't have any smaller pets on hand.


Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

LOL! Love the exercise bit! That would be a good thing.

You might have to knit another bed for either Puddy or Leyna.

As I've mentioned before, a potholder, which I didn't finish, kicked my rear. I can't imagine doing anything else. I'm clearly not going to be a talented knitter.

crystal said...

Hi! This is the "Last Minute Ear Warmer" girl! (-: I think either would be fine. That's a total oversight on my behalf. The yarn I used was a #5 which is slightly heavier than say... Red Heart worsted. I think a regular worsted would work fine too. It'll have so much stretch that it won't matter!
Happy knitting! Crystal

Renna said...

Thanks so much, Crystal for the comment/answer. ;-) I'll post a pic of the ear warmers on my blog when I get them knit.