Sunday, January 13, 2008


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I was inspired this week by Randi at "I have to say..." to make homemade calzones. I love her blog, by the way. Randi's calzones look lovely and delicious, like they should be on the glossy colored page of an Italian cookbook. Mine....well....they don't. ;-)
I didn't follow her recipe, exactly, as I discovered a pizza dough recipe in my breadmachine's cookbook. I don't think it's the recipe that was the problem so much as the cook making it. As a teenaged girl, whenever I had problems with my car, my dad would always look under the hood then say "the problem is the loose nut behind the wheel". Spoken affectionately, of course.
My calzones don't look very good. Randi said in her recipe to 'lightly flour your hands and counter'. Judging by the looks of my mine, I'm thinking I went a little heavy on the "lightly".
Despite their homely appearance, they were tasty, and I will be making them again. I'm determined this year to try lots of new recipes, things I've never tackled before. Living in Texas as I do, I've been thinking of learning some specialty Mexican dishes, something I can get really good and excel at, that can become my signature dish. That's lofty thinking for a gal who is content with Taco Bell.


Dana said...

Hey girl! I'm so proud of you! Those are awesome looking. You don't want them looking like the magazine photos, these are real, homey, and I'm sure they were delicious.

I love your blog~
Here's mine:

Renna said...

Hey, Dana, thanks for stopping by. You are always such an encourager in the kitchen! ;-)

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Those look great to me! I need to give it a try...when...I'm not so lazy. :P

Renna said...

Marilyn, you may be one of the busiest gals I know, but I'd never call you lazy!

If not for my trusty breadmachine, these would never have been made. ;-)

randi said...

Haha!! My calzones were really lumpy looking, but the picture on my blog makes them look just fine. It is all in the photo set-up!

No matter how they look, they taste good! ;)

Renna said...

So, Randi, what you're saying is my cooking compares to yours but not my photography? Just kidding! ;-Þ

I'm thankful for your Calzone post, 'cause they sure were a big hit with my family. ;-)

Cha said...

Okay, I'm really hungry now! Yummy!