Thursday, January 10, 2008

Things to Keep You Warm

Felted Footies for Cozy Toesies
I knit these felted slippers using the Family of Slippers free pattern over at Knitting at KNoon Designs . They were easy to do and are a good beginner's foray into knitting socks as well as felting. When felting, you have some leeway for mistakes, as felting covers a multitude of sins.
I used Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool, which is a natural color, and then dyed them in a pot on the stove with RIT navy dye. I dyed them before felting. At that time, this was the only wool available locally, and it only comes in a natural cream color.
A Simple Knit
I wish I could recall the pattern I used to knit this hat. It was easy, that much I remember. It's a simple ribbed beanie. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn, which is a worsted 75% acrylic/25% wool, and is quite soft. Any worsted would do, but if you lived in a colder climate than my northern Texas, you might want to use a yarn with more wool content.
One is the Loneliest Number....

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You who are as old as me have that old Three Dog Night tune running through your head about now.
Wooooooon is the loneliest number that you'll ever doooooo.
It's hard to type-sing, but I gave it my best shot. Trust me, it's better than my actual singing.
The reason for the title is that this lonely sock has no mate. Yes, I suffer from the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome. It's a hardship, but I endure. I have a number of single socks who's mates I never finished. Who'm I kidding? More like who's mates I never began.
I used Joan's Sock pattern found on Lion Brand website, but since you have to log in there to view their free patterns, I've given you a link to a copy of it I found on KnitAddicted.
The pattern calls for two skeins Lion Brand Wool-Ease, but any worsted yarn would do. It's knit holding two strands together. This isn't a sock so much as a bootie. It's very thick, and very comfortable; and if a cure is ever found for SSS, I'll find out how comfortable it is to have one on both feet.
More FO's to come.......
(that's Finished Object, for you non-knitters)


Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Very warm looking and very neat! I think you should just wear mixed-matched socks and call it a new trend!

Seriously, I wear socks all the time through winter and at times put on two pair. As long as they don't itch, well, I'd wear 'em. I might consider this knitting stuff one day; especially if I can find me a white head like yours. :P

What is FO? You youngins' and your acronyms. :P

Renna said...

You like my white head, do you? I hunted high and low 'til I found one in a garage sale for a quarter. I hate to pay full price for anything! ;-)

I'll edit my post, but for you non-knitters sort:

FO=Finished Object
UFO=Unfinished Object

Simple enough? ;-)

randi---i have to say said...

I like Marilyn's idea of wearing mis-matched socks! That way one would be good enough! ;)

If I was a knitter, I would have tons of "one socks". I would feel compelled to try something else after finishing the first one!

Wool Winder said...

You managed to get the second felted slipper finished. I bet you can finish the socks too. It's probably been long enough that knitting the mate will feel like starting from scratch. You can do it!

Renna said...

I guess I could take Randi's and Marilyn's advice and start wearing the various mates together......

or take Wool Winder's advice and start knitting mates, which would seem like 'first' socks by now.........

What to do...what to do? Maybe I'll do both! ;-)