Thursday, January 24, 2008


Remember the burple mitten? It went from an ill-fitting mitten to this......

And from this ...

to this.....

It looks better than the first one, don't you think? It fits much better.

Wool Winder suggested redoing it. I knew I should, but I didn't wanna. Whine whine. I hate redoing things. It all stems from my lazy nature. I knew she was right, though. My mom's voice was in my head saying "Renna, any job worth doing is worth doing right". Yeah, yeah, Mom. I know! Sorry. I reverted back to a 14 year old for a moment. Both Wool Winder and Mom were right, though, and I did redo it, and I'm much happier with the results.

I altered the pattern in a couple of ways.

I went down two needles sizes to size 6 dpns to cast on the 30 stitches and knit the ribbed cuff.

I shortened the cuff's ribbing from the pattern's instructions of 2 3/4" down to 2".

After switching to size 8 dpns, instead of beginning the increases for the gusset immediately following the ribbing as the pattern instructed, I knit straight for 2" (stockinette st) before beginning the decrease rows. I like it better and it fits better.

I made it a little long, but the niece I decided to gift the mittens to has long slender hands and fingers, so I figured she might need the extra length.

One mitten down and one to go. I just need to knit a couple more inches on the scarf ('til I run out of yarn) and weave in it's ends, then the gift will be ready to mail. I'll then have only two projects to finish before I can begin Leyna's sweater. If she's lucky, she might even get it before winter is over!

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Sharon said...

It really is lovely! You've finished something that you're satisfied with and Mom and Woolwinder were right, eh? LOL

Such a nice gift Renna, something to be pleased to give and man who WOULDN'T want to receive.

Would you please post a picture of the scarf and gloves together before they leave the house? :)

Renna said...

Thank you so much, Sharon. :-)

Yes, I'll post a pic of the set before I package it for mailing.

Wool Winder said...

That's more like it! The other one didn't look bad, but I could tell you weren't happy with it. It's always better to start over when you feel like that.

Renna said...

Wool Winder, you're right. I knew you were right. ;-Þ

A Servant of the King said...

Renna, we also have a Min Pin but she's mixed with Cocker Spaniel. Yours is so cute and tiny! Yes, our cuties would look cute together!!!