Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Burple Mittens

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My dad always called the color purple, burple. He was joking, of course. He really did know his primary colors.

I know I said I wouldn't begin any new knitting until I finished the projects tying up my Denise's. Yes, I did start the mittens today, but technically, they're part of an existing project. Remember the nearly finished scarf here? I decided it needed matching mittens. Granted, the colors in my pictures don't indicate they match too well, but I assure you, I'm not color blind. I'm just not a good photographer. ;-) The mittens are actually more of a dark plum, I guess.

I am knitting these with sz US 8 dpn's on Lion Brand Jiffy, and the color on the label is violet. I'm not too crazy about this yarn. It's soft, but it's fuzzy. I'm not sure how fuzzy these mittens will look after much wear.

I'm also not crazy about the pattern I chose. I won't offer the link as I don't want to be responsible for dissing anyone's designs, and it was a free pattern on someone's blog. The problem is that the cuff is too large. My gauge seems to be good in that the mittens fit perfectly, but the cuff's too loose. I've since noticed on other mitten patterns that some instruct you to use smaller needles for the ribbed cuff than for the rest of the mitten. If I'd done that, used at least a couple of sizes smaller, I think I'd be happier with them. I'd thought of gifting them, but since I'm not terribly proud of them, I may just keep them. I always give away my knitting. I guess it wouldn't hurt for me to actually own and wear something I've knit.

I haven't finished them, obviously. I need to go pick up the live stitches in the thumb and finish knitting it, then weave in the tails and I'll be through with the first one. I'm anxious to get the other one made. Even though I'm not wild about the pattern, they're still sort of pretty, and will be soft and warm to wear. Now, to finish the scarf!
Meanwhile, Leyna's finding other ways to keep warm until Mommy can knit her a sweater.


Wool Winder said...

Too bad the cuff doesn't fit right. It might be worth starting over, if you're not happy with it. The color is very pretty.

Sharon said...

Renna, obviously I know nothing about knitting, but is there someway to sinch the cuff to make it more comfortable?
All items you've displayed are very nice. I've never learned how to knit, but was something that my Grandmother was proficient at.
Have pondered about taking it up, you make it look easy.

Renna said...

Wool Winder, I was afraid some smart knitter would come along and suggest redoing the mitten. I guess I feared it because deep down, I knew it was the right thing to do. This is where my laziness is not conducive to being a good knitter. ;-Þ

I think you're right, though. a frogging I will go.

Sharon, if your grandmother knit, it's bound to be in your blood! Thank you for your sweet compliments. :-)

Beth said...

What a pretty color! I had that trouble with some mittens I knit for my husband. I didn't use smaller needles at the cuff and I wish I had.

Christine said...

That is a very pretty color, Renna! I'm sure the mittens will look very nice with the scarf. Make sure to post pics of both together when they're done!

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Very pretty color and it looks nice!

Of course you know I'm not familiar with knitting. I'm sorry that you think you'll need to start over. sigh...

I'm getting impatient along with Leyna. That is a cute pic!