Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Morning Cuppa

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That's what kickstarts my brain each morning. Well, that and the stupid cat that woke me at 6'ish on a Saturday morning, demanding to be fed. Can someone remind me why I have a cat?


John said...

You do not have a cat. Your cat has a human.

Renna said...

LOL! John, when I saw your comment, I assumed it was made by my son, John, who does indeed think our cat is human!

Fortunately, my e-mail to him, inquiring how he discovered my blog, was returned to me as undeliverable! ;-Þ

And you're right, I think our cat does have us!

Sharon said...

LOL, I'm remembering the affection that you and your family have for cats, John. Also about the run in your Mom had with one that messed up her arms, if I remember right?

I've not seen a cat that does not think it's human!!! LOL