Friday, January 18, 2008

Dreaming of Summer

Cold weather has me dreaming of summer vacations. This was the view from our campsite when our family went camping in the Rockies in the summer of '06. I can't remember the name of the campground, but it was outside of Lake City, Colorado. We've been all over Colorado, and we all agreed, hands down, this was the prettiest part of the state we've ever seen.
We won't talk about the fact that I whimpered and whined, and even cried a little (maybe alot), all the way up Slumgullion Pass . My adult son was driving our pick-up, pulling our 27' 5th wheel travel trailer . He's a good driver, but I have an unnatural fear of traveling on mountain roads. I am in a state of sheer terror until which time my feet are firmly planted on solid ground again. I prayed, believe me, I prayed. I also cried and nearly hyperventilated. I'm a big baby, I know.

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Here's another view from our campsite. Simply breathtaking, isn't it? If only I could get a helicopter to set me down on the mountain and pick me up again when it's time to go home, then I could really enjoy camping in the mountains. Of course, then there's that whole fear of flying thing.


Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Those pictures are gorgeous! I've seen some pretty sites in CO and some that looked like West Texas. ;-) That is absolutely beautiful!

I think that you just need to be heavily medicated whether you drive or fly up the mountain. You can't miss that view!

Renna said...

Marilyn, I agree, the desert areas of the state aren't nearly as scenic as the mountains. However, I've always found a certain charm in desert scenery. I actully enjoy our drive through west Texas en route to the Rockies.

Next time, Valium will be my friend! ;-)

Sharon said...

Renna I'm remembering these pictures that you posted on the Swap after your trip, but they are so could have them published.

What a trip to remember!

Renna said...

Thank you, Sharon; and for the record, my son took them, not me. I use his camera for all the pictures I take, but I am not nearly as capable with it as he is! ;-)