Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have a Heart

I feel like a blog cheater, or would that be a cheating blogger? When I don't have the time, or patience, to corral the ricocheting thoughts bouncing around in my head and assemble them into some semblance of order, I go looking for a video which will hopefully express what I'm feeling at the time. This is one of those times.

For some time now, my prayer to God has been to let me see through His eyes of compassion, to hear the pain in the voices of those who are hurting, to feel and be moved by that which moves His heart.

My friend, Sharon, shared this week about how people are so busy praying their needs will be met, that they're failing to pray for the most important thing, souls! That really struck a chord in me. I've spent a half century trying to get my needs met. I've spent a miniscule fraction of that time, not even worthy of registering on a pie chart, praying for lost souls.

How many brokenhearted people have I walked past without so much as a glance. Lord, don't let me miss another one. Let me never again judge someone based on their clothes or appearance or their beliefs. Let me truly feel what your heart feels for lost souls. Let my heart break for that which breaks your heart.


Sharon said...

Oh, Renna!!!

That video moved my heart with the compassion of the Lord.

GOD HELP US!!!! HELP US to be moved by what YOU SEE - HELP US to know YOUR BROKEN HEART towards souls!

Beth said...

That song has always played out like a video in my mind. Seeing the real video was even better. :)

Amy, a redeemed Sheep said...

The other day I was praying that God would bring Christians into Haley and Jason's, Holden and Kayla's path, to share the gospel with them...As I was praying, I realized that someone, somewhere, was praying for the same thing for their child...I am the person that the other parent is praying for to reach out to their child...

Excellent, Renna...

Wool Winder said...

Very moving!

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I cry every time I see that video. Our family just loves Casting Crowns. Their songs have meaning that applies to daily life and eternal value.

Thanks for posting this. It's spurred a future post for me!

Kimmie said...

Hi Renna;

You are not alone in this, I think our modern ways keep most of us so busy we forget about the spiritual battle that rages around us and the souls that are lost, truly.

I think your prayer for a sensitive heart totally lines up with the Father's heart, so add to it to give you a hunger and thrist for the lost and it will be perfect;-)

Nice to meet you.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted
*adopting from Ethiopia now