Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Blessings of Friendship

Isn't that just the sweetest little thing? It's a Lenox porcelain figurine of a Marsh Wren. My sweet, sweet friend, Sharon, of Trees Planted by the Water surprised me with it in the mail this week. She knows of my love of birds and felt moved to buy me this. She couldn't know of my particular affinity for Wrens. They're such tiny little birds, so cute and curious. I literally squealed with delight when I opened the package!
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I've known Sharon for roughly ten years now, having met over at the Homeschooler's Swap message board forum, back when I was still homeschooling my (now grown) daughter. Sharon was moderating their prayer & praise forum at the time. I quickly realized this is a woman who knows how to pray the Word of God. When you find someone like that, you latch on to them!
Many is the time that I've been going through a particular struggle, when out of the blue, Sharon would call and start praying over me. She wouldn't be privy to whatever issue I was dealing with when she called, but she does listen to the Holy Spirit.
I learned alot from Sharon. I'm still learning from her. I'm still being blessed by her.
As I was trying to decide where to sit my little Marsh Wren, I realized I have three birds given to me by Swappies (what we call ourselves over at the Homeschooler's Swap ). The little Robin on the left was given to me in an Elephant Swap we had over there one year, by Momma Said . It used to be attached to a flower vase which I broke :-( The pretty blue bird on the right was also given to me in an Elephant Swap by my dear friend, Amy, of A Redeemed Sheep . It would seem that all who get to know me, discover my love of birds. ;-)
I hope you all have a good week. If you think of it, throw out some seed or bread crumbs for the birds. Then take the time to watch them awhile. God does.
.....and yet not one of the birds falls to the earth without your Father knowing it.
~Matthew 10:29b (New Life Version)


Sharon said...

Wrenna Gayle....did you really squeel with delight??!!! HOW FUN, it spoke to your heart!

You know what....we've all gotta be fitly joined together in the Body of Christ don't we. I never take for granted Divine Appointments and you ARE one.
That Swap is FULL OF THEM!!! :)

What we do best is when we "listen" and "do" isn't it. Everyone of us. GOD HELP US!!!

I'm so pleased that you enjoyed the gift God sent. LOL He really did you know!!! LOL I was looking for a piece of lenox for a housewarming gift on e-Bay...and one popped up. All I could see was "Wrenna Gayle" no, actually, what I saw was WRENna Gayle. LOL God is so humorous! He makes me laugh all the time.

I didn't buy it then...but it's all I could see for two days, so I just went and had fun getting it, seeing it off...and the MOST OF ALL enjoying your pleasure while God touched your heart!!

I've not been privy to how God has touched you over the years with the phone calls - etc. But I thank God that if we will listen to Him, He's ALWAYS GOT A GOOD IDEA! HALLELUJAH!!!!!

This one was a knee-slapper!!!
You've got a good collection started!

Love You Girl!!

Sharon said...

You're right, I did not know your affinity for Wrens.

Thank YOU for being a good friend Dear Heart.

Amy, a redeemed Sheep said...

I am blessed by both you and Sharon!! We may see some things differently, but the love you have for God and His Word is always a blessing to me. :o)

Group hug! LOL!!!

I saw the blue bird and I thought, I had one of those once! I completely forgotten that I gave it to you!!! :-o

Laurie said...

What a blessing! Thanks for sharing, I was blessed as well.