Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Cooking doldrums?

Are you in a rut in the kitchen? Do you feel like you're cooking the same ol' same ol' lately?

Randi, over at i have to say, came up with a tasty idea for a recipe swap. Tomorrow (Thursday, the 7th) she's going to be posting a couple of recipes on her blog and has asked her readers to join her. Be sure and read her post tomorrow. I can almost guarantee she'll have something scrumptious to make. I've borrowed Randi's recipes before and never been disappointed in the outcome.

I will also be posting a couple of my favorite recipes here tomorrow. Will you join us and post a couple (or more!) of your favorite recipes on your blog tomorrow? If you do, be sure and leave a comment at Randi's as well as here so readers can click on the hyperlink to your blog and see what you've shared.

Now, get out that recipe box!


Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I'll be joining you! Looking forward to all of the recipes!

Renna said...

Great, can't wait to see yours!