Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting Organized-One Yarn Pile at a Time

My friend, Marilyn, over at Mixed Bouquet, has been harping on and on about getting organized....nag, nag, nag, she's such a nag.


Seriously, she has been sharing a weekly getting organized post on her blog, and she offers some very helpful tips. She's also a good enough friend that I can yank her chain and she won't get mad at me. Right, Marilyn? Marilyn? MARILYN??? Well, she's probably off farming or something, but I know she loves me.

I am not an organized person. I could never be confused with someone who is..organized. I do still strive for it, though. Getting organized is an ongoing quest of mine. I find that if I have a place for everything, I don't have a problem keeping things in their place. I keep a fairly neat kitchen, but that's because a kitchen is built in mind with a place for all that goes in it. The problem with my house is that the builder didn't take into consideration where the lady of the house would store her yarn. Quite an oversight on his part if you ask me!

This weekend, I decided to try and do something about the growing piles of yarn taking over our house. I didn't even really have a "stash". I had piles, and piles, and piles.

The pictures below are not all my stash (as if), but it was all I could fit neatly into this lovely white wicker armoire on loan to me from my mother. I do also have two large plastic storage buckets packed to the gills with yarn, stuffed in a corner of my bedroom. I also have a few piles, still, in my office/computer room/daughter's former bedroom; but at least I no longer have it piled all over the house, thanks to the armoire, and mom. Thanks, Mom! :-)

The basket in the first picture contains some of my WIP's *. I think I counted eleven WIP bags in the basket. Unfortunately, I found at least three more after I shot this picture. I'm sure if I look in my various knitting bags, I'll find even more. Okay, I admit it. I seem to have a serious problem finishing things. I suffer from KADD**.

We have now established that I am unorganized, and don't finish things. I think I better end this post now before more awful truths come out about me. Have a blessed, organized, and productive week, all. :-)

WIP Basket

Top Basket-Sock Yarns Lower Basket-Nicer Wools

Wool Blend Yarns

Wools for Felting

Assorted Yarns for Baby Items-Mostly Cotton or Cotton Blends


FO's*** & Circular Needles

*WIP-work in progress
**KADD-Knitters ADD
***FO's-finished objects


jessica said...

That's some awesome organization! I'm a relatively organized person, but my yarn is stashed in a cupboard and in boxes - not so organized. Oh well - I can find what I want when I need it and that's what counts :)

Wool Winder said...

The armoire is the perfect solution for organizing your knitting. I need to tackle organizing all the patterns I've printed from the Internet.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Well, aren't you a troublemaker! :P

Now you have really done some organizing! Plus, you took pics! That's always enjoyable. Maybe I'll learn from you! That's a much better organizing post than I've done!

BTW, I figured out WIPs, but it was after reading this sentence: "Okay, I admit it. I seem to have a serious problem finishing things."

Yes, I still love ya! LOL!

Emily said...

That is some serious organization. I used to be happy with my two categories ("sock yarn" and "not"), but you've raised the bar!

Jennifer said...

Knit-a-holics unite! ; )

Bev said...

You may think it looks unorganized but I think it's fabulous - a great way to sort my beginning stash of yarn. Seriously would not have occurred to me, being a new knitter, so thanks for the tips.

Randi said...

Wow! You have a lot of yarn! I suppose that my fabric collection is my equivalent, and I did just organize it yesterday. Now I figure that I have room to buy more! ;)

Sharon said...

I find that if I have a place for everything, I don't have a problem keeping things in their place.


GREAT job in organizing your yarn. Boy you weren't kidding about how much you have!! LOL are funny Girl!