Tuesday, March 4, 2008

As snow turns to water

Cold....wet stuff...on nose...can't...get off
My son shot a few pics early this morning, knowing the snow would rapidly dissipate in the bright light of the overhead sun. This was Leyna's first adventure in Snowland.

I know there's grass under here somewhere. It was here last night.

This evening, it will all be gone. I'm a little sad about that.
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Sharon said...

So, is this the first snow that your dog has ever seen?

We are snowless today.
The cat is happy. :)

Wool Winder said...

How many inches did you get?

Renna said...

Yes, this was little Leyna's first snow.

I'm not sure what the official report was, but my ds took a picture of a measuring stick stuck in the snow and it came to the 4" line.

SkidmoreHappyHouse said...

Woozers!! We had nothing. Can't believe it is so white there.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

That's pretty! Leyna looks confused!

Randi said...

Your little snow-dog is cute! We used to have a dog that purposely put his nose in the snow and then he would sit there with a little cone of snow on his nose. Too funny.

It is snowing right now and it expected through Friday. One more snowman for the season?

shortybeth said...

Ok, this is not fair, not fair at all. It looks like you got more than we did. Hrmmph!!!

Well we will just have to try again Thursday night and Friday. But then the weather man is predicting more snow for the south of us again.