Friday, March 7, 2008

My Offspring

This was taken of my kids, last Christmas. My daughter had been living in Germany for three years, working on an Air Force base there. She moved back to the states last April, to Minnesota, but didn't feel she could afford to take off work long enough to come home for Christmas. She was feeling so low at being so far from her family that her sweet boyfriend suggested they drive all day and all night, through all sorts of bad weather and snowstorms, to surpise us on Christmas eve morning. What a surprise it was!

This is the first pictures I've had of the kids together in several years. Notice in the picture above that you cannot see Nikki's left hand? Notice that her Bubba (yes, we're in Texas and my son is a Bubba) has just a tad of a grin on his face?

He's trying to retain his composure, but when your little sister is a Tickle Monster, it's hard to do.
She vowed not to stop until he "squealed like a girl"...which he did. It was so good to see them all grown up and acting like kids again.

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Sharon said...


I LOVE when my house is full of laughter with all of my family, and watching THEM acting like kids again.

Thanks for sharing these. :)

Wool Winder said...

I love this series of pictures! It makes me miss my kids though. I know what you mean about enjoying seeing them grown up and acting like kids again.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

Such fun! I still think it's a neat story about her surprising you! They are such nice-looking kids!

MSM said...

My son is a Bubba too!!

Jennifer said...

Just catching up - and I must say I missed a lot. Love the Nikki shots - Happy belated birthday! What a great surprise for you. Hope you're feeling better.