Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Still sick

I can't remember when I've had a more miserable week, physically. It started out Sunday with what felt like the flu. It ran the gammut of symptoms from body aches, fever, chills, head congestion (tho mild), heavy chest congestion, and that oh so fun one, diarrhea. Is that TMI? I'm still new at this blogging thing; I'm not yet sure just how forthright to be here.
By evening yesterday, I was beginning to think I saw a light at the end of the tunnel. The chills and chest congestion were still severe, but the body aches had subsided. Then about bedtime, it was as if a full blown cold attacked me. I've gone through a kazillion tissues in the past 24 hours. My nose is raw. I feel like I'm in a fog. My head hurts, and I can't breathe.
Remember that scene in "You've Got Mail" where Tom Hanks character surprises Meg Ryan's character by dropping by her apartment with a bouquet of daisies? Her character in that scene is me right now, only not as cute, and not nearly as thin as Meg; but I thought she pulled off the "cold" symptoms pretty well.
I guess my cold could have something to do with me running around in the wet snow at midnight the other night to take pictures. I knew that by the time I felt like going outside again, the snow would all be gone, and I was right. It was a big price to pay, though.
These pictures have nothing to do with me being sick. I just like them. The setting is so serene, and yet a mighty and bloody battle took place in that very spot. They were taken at Pea Ridge Military Park . Hubby and I toured it, along with his youngest son and his family when we were visiting them in Missouri last fall. The park is actually in Arkansas. I found it somewhat interesting when I located a link for it just now, to read that the epic battle that took place there in 1862 was on March 7th & 8th, this same exact time of year.
Hubby and I are civil war buffs. We like to visit civil war battlegrounds and historical sites when we vacation and travel with our 5th wheel.
I'd tell you more about the park, but my nose is running, so I'd best go and catch it.

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shortybeth said...

Renna, as I was looking at the field picture, I said to myself that it looks just like Arkansas. Then I read a little further and found out that it was. We were there this past fall, too. Right before the fall colors came on. Did you get to see any deer? They love the park because they are protected there.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I am so sorry that you are still sick. Praying!

The pics are pretty!

Renna said...

Shortybeth, I can't remember if we saw deer or not, but it sounds like we must have been there about the same time as your family! It was so serene and quiet throughout the park, a very lovely setting in what was once the stage for a most gruesome battle.

Marilyn, thank you for the prayers. I will NEVER miss getting my flu shot again after this!

Amy said...

Gorgeous pictures!

We all got flu shots this year - so far, so good - no flu.

Praying you feel better soon...

Sharon said...

Oh Darlin', I'm sorry you're STILL getting well. Be well Girl, in Jesus' Name.

Great pictures.

Never had a flu shot. Heard that they're not all they're cracked up to be. Don't know.


Kimmie said...

Hi Renna;

So sorry you are sounds like fluminaria (a word that I came up with when I had the flu in January. It means a child of God with the flu, but still a bearer of His Light ;-)

Hope you are feeling better-

mama to 6
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