Friday, October 17, 2008

Friday's Fave 5

I had some computer~slash~google problems yesterday (still unsure which was the culprit), so I wasn't able to do my FFF. I figured I'd just wait until next week, then I saw that Karen, at Over the Back Yard Fence (she is such an upbeat person!) did her FFF a day late. I figured, if Karen can do it, so can I! I'm cheating, though. I'm changing the date on my post so it will look like I did post it on Friday. What powers I possess! ;-Þ

1)Monday evening was a favorite this week. Our ladies group at church, which recently began meeting again, doubled in numbers since the week before. It was a good time of sharing and getting closer aquainted with each other on a different level than what chatting before and after church on Sundays offers.

2)My son cooked dinner for us twice this week, even providing the groceries for it. Anytime I get out of cooking is a favorite time of mine! ;-)

3)My daughter, Nikki, called from England last night. She was excited to report that they are now in their own home. It will likely be a month or so before their furniture arrives, but the military base has provided them with decent loaner stuff until they get their own. She's loving her new job at the CDC (daycare on base). The biggest news of all is that she has decided to work toward a degree in childcare development. It's such an obvious choice for someone who loves nothing more than spending time with young children. Due to her work schedule, she's going to be forced to do a lot of her schooling online. That was a disappointment to her, as she'd already registered and signed up for two college classes when she found out about the scheduling conflict. She took it in stride, though. She sounded so happy, which naturally made me happy. :-)

4)I set out my fall decorations in the house and on the porch this week. The biggest reason that was a favorite time this week is that I've been racking my brain for a few weeks now, trying to remember where I'd stored the stuff. I'd looked everywhere I store things at least twice, to no avail, when suddenly it hit me where I'd put them. Decorating for fall is always fun for me.

5)Another favorite of mine this week was getting my blog's facelift, thanks again to Marilyn. ;-)

Thanks to Susanne, for hosting the Friday Fave 5!

For all my favorites this week, I give God the glory. He blessed me with new mercies every day. He lifts my head when I am down. He gives me strength when I am weak. His grace truly is sufficient to meet my every need.


Karen said...

I see I'm in good company! I should have thought of changing the date and then neither of us would have been busted for being late;)

MSM said...

A great post, as always; very happy to get the Nikki update!!

Susanne said...

It's never too late! So glad you did it.

The face lift looks great! How nice for your daughter that she's getting settled into her new home and loving working with the kids. It is great when your kids are happy, isn't it? Bless her in her studies.

Joansie said...

When I visit my grandchildren, the 11 year old (Nick) gets up early and makes me pancakes for breakfast so I understand your joy at having your son cook.

I must take out autumn decorations this week. You've inspired me.

Robin said...

I'm glad you joined in!
I still haven't got my fall decorations out - I just may skip it this year!

Robin said...
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