Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well, Hello there!

Click on my picture for a close-up
My son went on a Jeep Crawl near Nocona , Texas (think boots), a year or two ago. One of the guy's Jeep turned up a boulder, and this lettle fellow was sitting there. My son said he wasn't so little. Interesting looking, isn't he? Who knows what manner of creatures lurk just below the ground's surface? I think I might not want to know.
I appreciate the kind comments from yesterday's 6 things about me meme. I wrote that late at night...or early in the morning, depending on your perspective. After I crawled in bed, writer's remorse set know, like buyer's remorse. You thought you looked so good in that outfit when looking at yourself in the dressing room mirror. So good that you went ahead and wore the outfit out that night, meaning it was too late to return it after you later saw what you really looked like in it, in your bathroom full length mirror, the one that doesn't tell you just what you want to hear, like the one in the store's dressing room did.
Anyway, I began to regret sharing the things I had, feeling like I made myself sound too pathetic. I was half tempted to get out of bed, start the computer back up, and delete the post. I was so close. I got up the next morning, holding my breath that maybe no one had seen it yet and I could go ahead and delete it, but I had several nice, really nice comments. I decided I'd been silly to regret it. So, from me to you, thank you.
It's Saturday, it's spring, and this is the day which the Lord has made. Let's rejoice and be glad in it, people!
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Tipper said...

I know how you feel-I always have that remorse feeling when I post. We are always our own worst critic. But your post about yourself was great!! Its always so interesting to peek into someones life. I think thats why I love blogs so much.

Wool Winder said...

Your encouraging words at the end of this post are exactly what I need to hear to start off my day. There is so much going on today that I have doubts that I will have enough energy to get through it all. Remembering that this day is a gift from God helps to put everything into perspective.

Randi said...

That lizard is SCARY! I would be very sad if I saw that thing.

I think your post was great because it was so real. It helps me to know you more!

Amy, A Redeemed Sheep said...

I am so grateful we don't have lizards here in Iowa. *shudder*

I have had so many times where I wanted to delete a post. I'm very glad you didn't. Like Tipper said, I enjoy blogs because I like getting to know people better. I am enjoying getting to know you better even after 7 years of knowing you on the Swap. It's a different level. :o)

MSM said...

I understand; I wanted to delete my whole blog sometimes when it was new (er)!

Glad you didn't : )

A Servant of the King said...

That lizard is amazing. I love the bright colors.

I'm glad you didn't delete your post. I enjoy your writing!

Sharon said...

Oh Renna! I thought your 6+ responses were just WONDERFUL, a GREAT testimony of God's KEEPING POWER, and I rejoice with YOU.
Very interesting critter here...very lovely, particularly since I don't like reptiles - at all. I'm glad that the boys were able to keep their distance while getting a good picture.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Don't feel like you should have regrets about your post. It is all part of your testimony. It inspires others! I agree what someone else said about being "real".

Kathleen said...

The lizard is so cute! Can you tell, I like lizards? :)

Farm Chick Paula said...

I thought is was so neat to find out more about you!
Please don't ever feel like opening your heart up was a bad thing!

kellyds said...

That's a beautiful lizard! I think he would get along well with Steve, my gecko.