Monday, November 17, 2008

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today...

Outside my Window... are piles and piles of leaves, despite the fact that Mr. Studley mowed with the mulcher mower this week, as well as raked bags and bags of them. It will be an ongoing job until all the large trees around our house have finished shedding for the season. I do love the feeling of stomping into a big pile of leaves. It brings out the kid in me.
I am thinking... about how we'll handle the holidays this year. I hate that this is so, but the holidays always prove stressful for me. With blended families, sooo many people, and a house not big enough to house them all, it can be a bit tough to decide how best to handle it.
I am thankful for.... the fact that my mom had the first pain-free day yesterday that she's had in a long time. She was taking pain pills, but they seemed to actually work yesterday. I pray this continues.
From the kitchen... I read the various Simple Woman daybooks, and most have delicious sounding dishes mentioned as coming from their kitchens. I'm always a little envious, and a little ashamed. I guess I'm not that simple. It's a good thing Peggy doesn't require some sort of test to prove one's simpleness (simplicity?) before letting one participate in the weekly Daybook, 'cause trust me, I am very simple. I don't have any scrumptious dishes baking in the oven, filling my house with mouthwatering aromas. Some days I do, but it seems I never do on Mondays when I write my Daybook. Don't you worry, though, the fam will get fed!
I am wearing... my favorite, most comfy, winter knock-around-the-house pants. They're made of sweatshirt fabric, but don't have elastic around the ankles (which I hate) like most sweatpants do. Best of all, I found them one year on a clearance rack in Big Lots for $1.98. I'd say that certainly qualifies me as simple! My lovely (not) teal sweatpants are accompanied by a short-sleeved tee, and my slip on Obakashis.
I am creating...for charity, a Special Olympic scarf.
I am my weekly ladies group night at church tonight. They're going to start having a weekly men's group at the same time. Pastor announced yesterday that the men will share the meal with the ladies, then go to a separate room for their meeting. That means, of course, that the ladies will need to bring a lot more food!
I am reading... a Chronological Study Bible I'm reviewing for Thomas Nelson Publishers.
I am hoping... some doors will open for increased income soon. I realize Christmas isn't about gift-giving, but I do enjoy giving gifts (nothing extravagant) to our children and grandchildren this time of year. Unless something changes soon, I don't see it happening. I am not sitting around stressing and worrying, though.
I am hearing...nothing but the jingle of the tags on Leyna's collar. No air-conditioner humming, no heater humming, no fan humming. I love this time of year when the temperature is perfect, which translates to a lower electric bill, and that makes me happy.
Around the house... Ish. You don't want to know. It's messy. I seriously need to do some housework. Everytime the front door opens, new leaves blow in, then get scattered and crushed underfoot. It doesn't help to sweep off the porch, as the wind scoots them right back up the walkway just as soon as I turn my back!
One of my favorite things... is gazing up at the inky sky each night as I'm out dogwalking. I am a stargazer. A star lover. I seriously love looking up at stars. I don't know anyone (personally, I mean) who delights in it to the degree I do. We don't get the best view of them here in town due to street lights, but lately, they seem to be showing up better. One fall, a few years ago, I got Mr.Studley to drive me out to a nearby lake to view a predicted meteor shower in the wee hours of the morning. We took blankets and lay on the hood of the car and watched the stars shooting across the sky. It was almost romantic, except that we had also taken along a neighbor friend who'd very recently lost her lovely husband to cancer. She professed to loving star gazing, too. I'm not sure if it was the star gazing she craved so much as merely human companionship, escaping a house that had suddenly become far too quiet and too lonely to bear. The three of us and our coffee-filled thermos did have a good time that night.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... is to get serious about my knitting gifts. I have too many UFO's (unfinished obects, for my non-knitterly friends), and not enough FO's (finished objects).
Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... This picture I took on a hike in Arkansas last week isn't a particularly pretty picture, but I was struck by the seeming tenacity of this little plant growing right out of a wall of rock. Sure, I imagine there was some hidden dirt beneath the rock's surface, but it wasn't at all visible. I believe it's a Beauty Berry (isn't it, Tracy?). It's as if the plant grit it's teeth, pushed it's way through the wall of rock, and announced to the world "I am here, I am a survivor, and I will let my light shine! ". Okay, that may be a bit much of a declaration for a plant, but it's what went through my head at the time. We could all learn from the little Beauty Berry.
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Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.
~Matthew 5:16 NKJV


Joansie said...

Thank you, Renna. Your blog is always so soothing and inspiring.

smariek said...

Two bucks for comfy house pants can't be beat. I enjoy reading your Daybook entries.

Nancy said...

I hate the elastic at the bottom of the legs on sweat pants, too. I refuse to buy them anymore because they invariably shrink and then I am constantly fussing with them.

I've been known to drive out into the country and watch the Northern Lights for hours. We don't get them here often, but when they do, it is a real treat.

Shannon said...

There isn't much I like about raking leaves, but I do love the smell! Especially around the fruit trees. The sweet fall aroma!
Star gazing sounds nice~
I think your's and my sweatpants came from the same rack! LOL! Love them!

Tea said...

Oh, the leaves are piling up here, too. They're dangerous on the deck steps.

Good for you taking your neighbor with you! I'm sure she appreciated it very much.

I love the little flower picture!

Anonymous said...

I love your Daybook posts..
I am happy your Mom is pain free...will pray that continues..

I know the temps have been good..a little nippy at night here..we had a fire twice in one weekend:)So happy to have that AC off..

Take care


Carol said...

Welcome home from your trip Renna!! Hope you had a fantastic time.

Yay on your mom's pain level!!! That's great!

My hubs LOVES to star gaze. He pulls out his binoculars on those clear summer nights and just looks at things.

I see the outfit has changed with our cooler weather. LOL It's been really nice here don't you think?

Enjoy the leaves though they can be a pain because they'll be gone before we know it and we'll have to wait all those months to get them back again. ;)

Suzan said...

The beauty berry is lovely - and so very brave I think. I can't say that I've ever seen one before. I'd love to have some of those leaves for my garden mulch. (We have pine trees and scrub oak neither of which gives a lot of mulch)

Melony at Whimsy Daisy! said...

I had never heard of a beauty berry before, but they sure are pretty and persistent! Once again, I enjoyed a lovely visit at your home, Renna. Hope you have a great week finishing up those knitting projects and staying warm.

Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

Praise God for your mom's good news. I also have some comfy favorites. Nothing I'd wear out of the house, but they are my favorites!

Wool Winder said...

Looks like a Beauty Berry to me. Amazing that it found enough of what it needed to sprout and grow.

Farm Chick Paula said...

I'm so glad you're back, sweetie- I missed you!!
LOL- I buy sweatpants, then cut the elastic at the bottom. (Very attractive.)
Don't feel bad about not cooking... with groceries so high right now, I usually only "cook" a couple of times a week. The rest of the time it's soup and sandwich or salad and baked potato night on the Fraker Farm.

randi---i have to say said...

I love the stargazing story! It was so loving of you to take your friend on your "romantic" evening!

tipper said...

Love the little plant-and love looking into your life. So glad your Mom had a good day-and I pray they continue for her!

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Loved your daybook entry today. I forgot to do it yesterday!!!!!

I especially liked what you said about the stars. I might even match you with how much I love to gaze --- my neck even gets tired of looking after a while. Buster loves to be out at night, and since we are out in the country, the stars are sooooo vivid and bright. So, I'll sit in my rocker out there and stargaze for a while.

Thanks for your visit today and your kind words! It's always good to see you and I'm glad you are back again!


Liz said...

Holidays stress me too. All I want to do is stay home and make paper chains and wear my houseshoes. And for some reason, money is always the tightest at this time of year.

amy said...

Thanks for sharing these facts about you Renna, I enjoyed reading it. I love stargazing is more nicer to stargazed in a country place than in a city. I had an experienced gazing the sky and all around me is the black night with fireflies that give light on a big tree. A tree full of fireflies and sky with so many stars, a better place right?

Debra said...

I'm glad you're back and writing. I missed you. I guess I'm a little late getting here...
I loved your post-the stars, even Leyna's collar jingling. I think I could hear it!
Please show us all your Christmas knitting1
Love, Debra

Danaover40 said...

Awww.... it's so nice to get a glimpse of what's happening in your home this week. I'm with you on unfinished projects, but I did knock one out recently. I've posted photos of it on my blog.
I'm so happy for your mama being pain-free. Bless her heart.

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

This was truly an interesting post read. Thoroughly enjoyed your flow of words. Like a story I felt you were telling me. You must have caught a really creative something from your travels. Send me some!

Beth Dargis said...

Don't worry, I rarely have scrumptious things cooking. Maybe yummy things I throw together or turn up from the farmer's market - though no more farmer's market til spring.

Becky said...

What a great post Renna. I dress like you do! And ... I also love walking around in fall leaves, which we do not have much of in Florida.

I hope your mom feels better soon. And I understand the stress of the holidays. I had the same when I was growing up. Two Thanksgiving dinners in one day. Two Christmas dinners in one day. Traveling to and from more than the sitting and enjoying. It was exhausting.

I hope you can find a great deal to enjoy. You sound like an upbeat and positive person.

MSM said...

I commented on this 'days' ago, but something's messing up somewhere because it's gone.... I'm having weird computer / blogging issues!

I am jealous that you get to review the Chronological Study Bible because that's my current one-year Bible, and I'm a little obsessed with study Bibles. Can't wait to find out what you think.

And your attire: in the winter I love to sleep in sweat pants (no elastic ankles either - yuck!), because I wake up "dressed" already!!

Tea Time and Roses said...

Hello Renna!

Lovely post... Thank you so much for sharing it. Matthew 5:16, one of my favorite passages. Just beautiful!



amy said...

im back to peep....hehehe...just checking what's new...

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Oh Renna, I have really enjoyed reading your daybook today.
Every little entry!

I love star gazing too. I remember the first time I ever saw a sky full of stars. We lived in Chicago where to see 2-3 stars every once in a while was a real thrill. Then we went to visit my husband's family out in the country. The nights was pitch black ... no light from anywhere. My husband took my hand and said, "Come on. I want to show you something." I didn't really like being out in the dark. There were animal sounds and it was kinda scary. But when I opened my eyes, I couldn't believe it. There were a million points of light everywhere on a black canvas. Breathtaking! Now I have my own canvas above my home and I never tire of gazing that their glory.

I understand your thoughts about Christmas. We're keeping things very simply this year. We've had to tell some family members that we simply can't exchange this year. We're only focusing on the children and even then we're keeping it simply. There are just not alot of funds. But we plan on having lots of holiday fun by making cookies and playing games.

Wishing you joy my friend,

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

I just saw your "Ban the R Word" button. How wonderful! As the mother of a special needs child, I am so sensitive to how hurtful using some words and phrases thoughtlessly can hurt others so deeply. Thank you for displaying that button.


nikkicrumpet said...

Weird...I was pretty dang sure I left a message on this had to do with elastic legs. Oh well I must have impatiently exited before it went through. I'm a dork. I miss a starry night....her in New England you can practically count them all....a big sky full of stars...I could sit and stare at all night. Hope you're having a great week!