Thursday, April 25, 2013

There's A Spring In My Step

I think there's a direct link between the sunshine and my moods.  I rarely get in 'bad' moods, but when the day is sunny, I have a better outlook on life. I get energized, I become more creative, I embrace the day!  Though our little spot on the map has relatively mild winters, we do have a lot of overcast weather that time of year. Combine that with shorter days, and I often find myself bordering on the glum side of life. Though we're still dipping into the 30's at night, I think spring has finally sprung. Today's forecast is for a high of 73 (perfect!). The sky is blue, and the sun, she is a shining.  Hallelujah!

We made a whirlwind trip to see our daughter, Nikki, in Colorado Springs last month.  I think it's the most fun I've ever had visiting her. Mr. Studley had to deliver some trailers to Denver, so I rode along with him. Nikki and I got to spend a lot of one-on-one time, something we so rarely get to do anymore. When she visits us in Texas, there are so many relatives and friends to see, that she often feels stretched thin. Most times we've visited her at her home in Colorado, other relatives have visited concurrently, so again, not much time for just the two of us, or even three of us, including Mr. Studley.

It seems that most of what we did while there was eat. There are some great restaurants in that city, and we tried out a few of them!  I do wish I'd removed that ugly, plastic ketchup bottle before snapping the pic above, lol.

Nikki introduced her daddy and I to our first sushi experience. I'd always resisted the idea of eating raw fish (and yes, I realize not all sushi is raw fish). I hear so many people talk about how much they love sushi, and finally decided, that many people can't be wrong!  Nikki took us to a nice little place near her home. The atmosphere was fun, and the food was fabulous. I am now a sushi convert.  Seriously, I love me some sushi!

I'm still struggling with understanding the blogging process. Before, I'd go to Picasa, add the pics I wanted to post to the photo tray, then click "blog this" to add each picture; plus it would give me the option of the size picture I wanted. The 'blog this' button is no longer in the updated Picasa, so I am now forced to use the 'insert image' icon at the top of the blogger posting page.  It doesn't give me an option of size, though.I don't like these tiny little pictures (stamping my foot)!  If anyone has tips or suggestions, or knows something I apparently don't about it, I'm open to advice.

Studley and I spent a week last fall by this lovely river in Arkansas. It was a perfect week in October. The air was crisp, the foliage colors were brilliant (tho not so much in this picture), and the temperatures were just right for bundling up and sitting by the campfire.  It was a tad nerve wracking at night when we'd hear packs of coyotes howling at the moon...or howling at something. They were loud, and sounded too close by for comfort.  We really did have a good time, though. Fall camping is the absolute best. When I say 'camping', I'm talking about the kind of camping where I have a bathroom indoors, along with a plush mattress for snoozing. The youngsters can have the tent camping. I prefer our 5th wheel!

I've had an unrest in my soul for some time now. I wasn't sure if I was going into a depression or not. I'm not prone to depression, though I did go through a spell of it a year or two ago (hormone related, I'm sure).  Mr. S read something to me the other night from a book he's reading. The author mentioned something that grabbed my attention. I can't remember the exact phrase (Studley & his book are both out of town, or I'd go ask him), but I think it was 'spiritual unrest'...or maybe it was the word was 'dissatisfaction' . I can't remember, but the gist of it is I think that's what is going on with me. I think God's put something in me that needs to come out, or that He wants to lead me into doing.  Because I've not been able to put my finger on what's causing the 'unrest', or 'dissatisfaction' in me, I thought maybe it was depression. I believe that line from the book is God's way of saying to me, "wake up and listen to what I'm saying; seek me with your whole heart".  I think, in these latter days, God is likely causing this unrest in a lot of people's hearts, to get us busy about doing His will.  Food for thought.

And when they had lifted up their eyes, they saw no man, save Jesus only.~Matthew 17:8 KJV


Magnolia Tea said...

Goodman has eaten sushi for years and says it's great, but I haven't tried it. You almost persuade me to do that, almost. Maybe sometime.

When we visit our daughter in another state we're usually so busy it seems more like an errand than a visit. Glad you had a good one.

Raisin' my cup to camper campin'. ;)
Have a great weekend!

Wool Winder said...

You can size your photo on Blogger after you upload it. Just click on the picture and a pop-up of selections will be visible allowing you to choose size, alignment, caption and more. At least that how it works on my template.

Renna said...

Magnolia Tea, just so you know, sushi restaurants do have rolls (what they call it, as it's formed by rolling it up, then is sliced into bite-size servings) that are not raw fish. My daughter, Nikki, ordered our first roll that way, to ease us into it. After we tried it and liked it, she then ordered additional rolls with raw fish. I was quite surprised by how good it tasted!

A good weekend to you, too! :-)

Renna said...

Wool Winder: Tracy, thank you so much! I feel a little silly at how simple that is. It seems the simpler things in life are often what trip me up the most, lol!

Paula Fraker said...

I know what you mean about the sunshine... I do okay with a day or two of rain but I need me some sun. We had a stretch of rainy weather back in January where the sun literally didn't come out for over a week... I was a nutcase.
You have me considering sushi, too now~ all of my friends rave about it but so far I haven't been brave enough. I too have a thing about eating stuff raw... I got sick on an undercooked steak many years ago and after nearly winding up in the hospital I swore "never again". But heck, I might give it a try. :)
It's funny you mentioned that about the "unrest"... I've felt that a lot too in the past few months. I chalked it up to seeing so much depressing garbage on the news lately, but I can't seem to shake it. Hmmm... maybe I better dig a little deeper!

Renna said...

Fortunately, I did not get sick on the sushi, Paula. Had I done so, for whatever reason, I seriously doubt I'd have ever again tried it. I can't imagine anything worse coming up than fish, lol!

You're right about the junk on the news these days. At times, I'm tempted to be like an ostrich and stick my head in a hole. I'm so thankful for the peace we can have amidst the turmoil of our lives, in knowing WHO is on the throne.

Once our hot and humid summer arrives (and it's not far off, I fear), I'll probably be whining the blues for some overcast days...anything to keep that hot sun away. Can't be satisfied, can I? Have a good week, Paula!

nannisandi said...

Well hello there, good to have you back again. I understand exactly what you are talking about....the problem is, I don't listen for His voice, I'm too busy listening to my own!! We have had cancer come visit our home so life has changed for us and we have learned to take a day at a time and the saying "don't sweat the small stuff" is our mantra. Remember, you don't need to reply to every comment, too time consuming!!