Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I Was In The Neighborhood...

A year has passed since I last shared here.  I'm somewhat rusty.  I'm not sure I even know how to use Blogger now.  I've forgotten a lot, and what I see looks very different to me now.  I'm not sure I can keep up with the technology.  We've all heard the saying, the older you get, the faster time flies.  I feel like it's  moving at warp speed.  I sound old. I'll stop now.

There haven't been many changes in my life.  I'm mostly satisfied with that, as I'm one of those who struggle with change. Mr. Studley, my polar opposite, could stand with some changes (he'd like to move), but mostly we're content.

My daughter, Nikki, did get married last summer.  She seems happy, which makes me happy. They will possibly (likely) be relocating out of the country again at the end of this year.  That makes me sad. With all the technology we have today, at least we can still 'see' each other (skyping or facetime).  That makes me happy.

I had both my kids here this weekend, which made me very happy. They flew out together this morning for a vacation in the sun, in a nice resort which sits on a nice beach. That's making them very happy.  Nikki's husband is working out of the country, in a cold, cold, land, far, far, away, so he didn't go.  Maybe we won't talk much about it to him. ;-)

Mr. Studley & I are grandpuppy sitting for our daughter's sweet dog, Macy. She is intelligent, beautiful, loving, and challenging!  She seriously cannot be left unattended for 5 minutes or she'll clear off the kitchen counters. The second night she was here, she inhaled half an angel food cake! This morning, she pulled down a bowl of kitchen scraps I'd created while cooking breakfast.  I was only in the next room at the time!  I'm thinking there's no way Mike and I can both be gone from the house at the same time. Nikki gates her in her kitchen at home, keeping everything off the counters. Occasionally, in her rush to get somewhere, she'll forget something left on the counter. It will be eaten/destroyed upon her return. Once, while Nikki was showering, Macy chewed open a bottle of naprosyn's.   The dog is a mess, I tell you. It's a good thing she's so lovable.

I still knit a little, but not too much. Our weather is beginning to warm up, and I lose the urge to have a pile of wool in my lap. I have taken up a new hobbie, sewing!  I have always known how to use a sewing machine, and have sewn simple stuff for crafts. I even sewed my daughter simple little outfits when she was small.  I never seriously took an interest in it, though. Now, it seems I have. Currently, I'm sewing baby stuff, mostly for gifts. Hopefully, I'll be more proficient by the time I BECOME A GRANDMOTHER (are you listening, kids??).

I just love youtube and all the sewing blogs out there. It's so helpful when learning something new. My biggest hindrance is reading patterns. They could be written in Russian, and I'd comprehend them as well, which is not at all. I'm learning a lot, though, from what I'm seeing others do in the videos, so I'm encouraged.  

I'll post some pictures of  some things I've sewn  when I get I mean my son's camera back. It's on perpetual loan to me, but he decided to take it on vacation with him. The nerve!  Meanwhile, here's a random shot of my mom when she was young. I think she was darling. And would you look at that figure. I did not inherit her body shape.

Well, I tried to insert said random picture 'here', but it went 'there' (at the top of the page). Like I said, Blogger's different. Looks like I'm going to have to learn some new tricks, and frankly, I feel like an old dog.

But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head. ~Psalm 3:3 King James


Magnolia Tea said...

Hi Renna!
Oh no, I don't buy that bit about bein' rusty one iota. Your posts are always a fun read. I do agree that blogger has made some irritating changes though. I wish they'd stop fer cryin' out loud.

Kids! Why do they grow up and leave home? We're in the same situation. I know that change is not so easy when they move far away.

Macy sounds like a rounder! Gotta love 'em, lol. A few years back we had a rat terrier that was very well-behaved and too short to reach the table so no worries there until our granddaughter made a cake for her mom's birthday at my house. When her mom got here we hurriedly hid the cake in my bedroom until time for the surprise. When I went to retrieve it there was no icing! O.O Blech! We made another fast.

I can't wait to see what you've been sewing!

Wool Winder said...

Good to hear from you, Renna.

Paula said...

Wait~ is it really you? *giggle*
YAAAY! You ARE still here in blogland! :)
Sounds like you've been busy with "life" lately... but you have been missed. (By me!)
Puhleeeze share your sewing projects with us, 'kay?