Sunday, January 30, 2011

Christmas-check! New Years-check! Spring....

Proof that it does occasionally snow in northeast Texas!
I never grow weary of the reason for Christmas, the celebration of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I do, however, grow weary of the season. Before Thanksgiving has even arrived, Santa and all the other Christmas decorations pop up in the stores and neighbors' yards. All the planning of gifts and meals and kitchen goodies, the extra cleaning and shopping and all gets to be a bit much. By New Year's day, I'm glad to put it all behind me and concentrate on the new year.
I don't really sit down and make a list of resolutions, but I do have thoughts, ideas, and goals in my head of what I'd like to achieve in the coming year. It's funny how those goals change as we get older. When I was in my 20's, I don't recall thinking "my goal this year is to get healthier". I do remember thinking I'd like to lose weight so I'd 'look' better. You really take your health for granted when you're young. When you've passed the 50 mark like me, you can't afford to take that attitude any longer. In my 20's, looking good was my goal, and if I felt better too, that was a fringe benefit. Now, feeling good is my goal, and if I look better too, well glory hallelujah, but that's not my motive.

Christmas cactus, blooming right on time!

Every year, I declare I'm going to quit procratinating. Obviously that hasn't yet happened (made evident by my just now posting a draft I wrote weeks ago), hence my need to keep declaring it each year. Last year for Christmas, I knit my niece a scarf. It's very long to accommodate her height. It's warm and wooly to combat the cold of the DC area. How much good she'd be getting out of it if it weren't still in my house. All I lacked to finish it was putting on the fringe (which I did recently). I also knit her matching fingerless mitts, as well as a neck gator (gater? or gator?) and fingerless mitts for her boyfriend. He's blind and uses a cane. Mandi, who also uses a cane to teach cane travel to the sight impaired, has told me fingerless mitts work really well for cane travel. She's loved the ones I've knit her in the past, and requested I knit them in dark colors as her palms get quite dirty using the cane. I also knit her a pair of them to match her scarf. All of it, the scarf, the gaitor, the mitts, they are all here at my house. What am I going to do with me??

That brings me to my next goal, or resolution if you must call it that. I guess I should call it a resolution after all, as I have resolved to finish all partially knitted projects this year. They are many. Another more short term goal I've set is to go on a food-diet. No, I don't mean denying myself food (though goodness knows I should!), but I'm forcing myself to cook more at home, and therefore not buy more food until I've used up what we have. My pantry and freezers are full. There's plenty here to eat, but it doesn't usually get eaten because it's not cooked. I wish I was one of those who loves to cook. I'm not, but I'm forcing myself to do more of it. It's healthier than eating out, and it's cheaper. There's been no eating out since before the holidays. Yea me!

John & Nikki, Christmas 2010

My daughter, Nikki, flew in from Colorado Springs for three days at Christmas. Since she left home 6 years ago, this past Christmas, and a couple or so years ago (when she and her boyfriend drove from Minneapolis, all day and night through terrible snowstorms, to surprise us on Christmas even morning) are the only ones she's been able to spend at home with us. We loved having her here. For some reason, all the inside pictures I took were bad. I was using my son's camera, which takes great pictures, but I guess I had the settings wrong. Picture me sad faced.

I have done some knitting, and will post pictures of it in my next post, which hopefully will be before next Christmas.

PS-Don't hate me, but we've had 70'ish weather with lots of sunshine the past couple of days.

Be blessed!

Proof that I do occasionally knit! Boho Beret, ravelled here
UPdate-Mandi's package of assorted knitwear has been shipped!

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But I say, walk and live [habitually] in the [Holy] Spirit [responsive to and controlled and guided by the Spirit]; then you will certainly not gratify the cravings and desires of the flesh (of human nature without God).
~Galations 5:15 Amplified Bible


Tea Party Daily said...

Hey Renna! It's great to hear from you. I hear you on the health-y issue. We're eating healthier these days, and intend to stick with it. Anyhoo, I love the snow pic! We've had more than usual, too. Your cactus is beautiful! Don't tell anyone, but we celebrate the birth of our Saviour in the springtime, when lambs are really born. We got over the blow-up yard decs when they first came out. They probably would make for excellent target practice, but that's not nice so we just zone out with snowman decs & keep smiing. Anyhoo2, love the red beret, gorgeous! Have a great week!

Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Well, what do you know? Renna is still around! You are like my old high school girl friend. Just when I start to wonder if there is something wrong, you pop up and make the whole day seem better.
I think everybody procrastinates about something. it's human nature.
i have been avoiding housework for sometime. lol
our neighbors set the biggest, most garish what they consider to be Christmas display you have ever seen. they have, in effect, ruined Christmas for us. and on top of the horrid light show, they blast what i used to think of as sweet songs on a very crappy stereo all night long. soooo, I empathize with your dislike of holiday decorating.
and we rarely shop during this time because of all the real nuts being held prisoner in the Wal Mart.
I am trying too to use up our stored food supply. at least, I am finally up to the 2009 stuff now. lol last summer was horrible for gardening so it was nada for canning. maybe this summer will be better.
have an awesome spring,my friend, and I hope to see more of you on line.

Wool Winder said...

That's a really cute beret! I think your niece will love it.

It's great that your daughter was able to visit at Christmas. I know you enjoyed that.

Good luck with all of your goals for this year. It sounds like you're well on your way to meeting them.

Paula said...

Wow~ LOVE the beret!! You're such a talented knitter... *gush*
And I love your beautiful snowy picture.
We had a gorgeous warm weekend too... *sigh*... now I really have spring fever.
I'm right there with you on the resolutions... we've also been eating out wayyy too much lately and it's starting to show. (On me, of course, not hubby. *UGH*)
It's always so good to see you post, luv!

Amy said...

Renna, So good to "hear" from you! I can relate to much that you say. Since hitting the big 50, my thinking has changed a great deal...oh and the things I don't get done...and I still have a child to homeschool!

BUT, my life is much more peaceful!

Debra said...

I'm still giggling over the comment about neighbors' decorations....we always wonder why someone would fill the WHOLE yard with those blow up things...And music playing-oh my....
Anyway-I'm right with you about the cooking. I want to want to like cooking. And really cleaning my house good. I WANT to . But....
I think I have two or three unfinished knitting've given me the oomph to get them done! Really, I will...maybe tomorrow...

Gigi said...

Hi Renna,
What a beautiful daughter you have! And I love that cheery red beret -- so pretty! And yes, make the little kerchief -- so fast & easy and just the right size -- at least I think so ;).

 Cha said...

Hi Lady! Love the beret. I need to learn to knit.

Karen said...

Hi Renna,
I missed reading this when it was first posted. So good to hear what's going on with you. I love the 'food diet'. I made a similar resolution last fall and we cut down our "eating out" budget by a bunch. I need to get organized again, as over the holidays we slipped up a bit. I think my whole family is happier eating homemade food.

Love the red beret!


Susy said...

Hey Ms Renna. So glad to read your posts and catch up. Love all your "resolutions" and goal setting - it's going to be a great year! Hope your part of Tx isn't buried in snow. (And thanks for stopping by.) Blessings xo

Bobbi said...

I liked what you wrote about looking good was your goal and 20 and now feeling good is your goal... and the fringe benefits. LOL. I feel pretty much that same way.

I miss your posts! Just thought I'd stop by and say hey!

nannisandi said...

Renna, I have missed you!! I lost your blog site when a thunder storm killed my laptop stone dead!! But it is soooo good to "hear" you blogging again. Like you I just blog when the notion takes me and I know only 3 people read it's a record for ME!!

tea time and roses said...

Hello Renna,

What a delight to read your post.:o) I smiled as you spoke of eating healthier. I too have been taking a healthier approach to eating this year, and must say I'm feeling quite wonderful in doing so.:o)

It was so wonderful to click here and find you posting once again.:o) Continue to enjoy a lovely week.



Marilyn - A Mixed Bouquet said...

You need an updated post, my friend! Looking for inspiration and encouragement, so I'm back!

Shannon said...

Hi Renna, I am back in the bloggy world and would love it if you could come by to visit again. I am still knitting and appreciate your words of inspiration when I was getting started!