Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Queen Wilhelmina State Park, AR. Fall '08 camping trip
It has rained all day long. I didn't mind it, though. We've had a relatively dry winter, no snow, and not a lot of rain. Today was one of those days it was pleasant to be inside. Life seemed to take a slower pace. It felt like a Sunday afternoon. Isn't it funny how different days have a different feel to them? I finished up my Hobo purse. I'm determined to take a pre-felted picture of it, but clearly the weather didn't permit. I can be patient, though.
It seems we have a new dog. I'm not terribly thrilled about it. We had many dogs for many years, and determined when we got Leyna that we'd never have more than one dog at a time again. Ever. Never ever. Sigh...never say never, and definitely not, never ever.
About a year ago, I volunteered to walk a neighbor's dog. Though I'd waved at her on the street in passing, I didn't know her. I began noticing a strange person walking her dog. Out of curiosity, I approached the stranger. It turned out she was a good friend of my neighbor, and informed me that my neighbor had become very ill, spending nearly two months in the hospital. She was back home, but destined to be an invalid due to a chronic lung condition which had worsened. Though she was able to live alone, she was no longer able to walk her dog. She was on oxygen 24/7, and only able to be up and about for a short bit before she'd lose her breath and begin coughing uncontrollably.
My neighbor, L, and I became friends over the past year. She's a very intelligent woman. She had a great job as a college library director, prior to being forced (by her health) to retire. A few months ago, her health became even worse. She began needing a lot more help. Mr. Studley and I pretty much took over the care of Pepper. We knew she was in no condition to have a dog any longer, and yet we knew that dog was her sole companion.
I encouraged her to see her doctor again, and I imagine her two good friends were doing the same. I think she put it off so long as she likely suspected the outcome-confinement in a care facility. She did finally break down and go two weeks ago. The doctor sent her straight to the hospital, as her oxygen level was dangerously low. It was determined rather quickly that she cannot live alone and manage her condition. I feel so sorry for her. She has a beautiful home filled with lovely things., which she may never even see again. Mr. Studley and I couldn't bear the idea of Pepper going to the pound, and L's friends were unable to take him, so we brought him home.
Pepper's a sweet dog, and he and Leyna play well together. I just didn't want another dog. Plus, he's long haired, which means he'll require regular grooming (an expenditure we really can't afford). He has skin allergies in the summer, requiring vet and allergy medicine bills (another expense we can't afford). He's just the sweetest thing, though. He wants nothing more than to sit in my lap. He looks up at me with those huge, sad eyes and melts my heart. Still, I don't want another dog. I have prayed about it. I asked the Lord to send us a good family who would love and spoil him, 'cause I don't want another dog!
I'd say, that's the long and short of how we got another dog, though there was nothing short in my telling of it. There never is. I've said it before, brevity is not my strong point.

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A [consistently] righteous man regards the life of his beast, but even the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.
~Proverbs 12:10 Amplified Bible


Joansie said...

I was hoping that I would not be the first to comment as I wanted to see what others had to say.

I sense that there is a very good reason why this dog has entered your life.....and I think God will provide a way for you to afford for his care.

I'll anxiously await the outcome. Perhaps another elderly person who doesn't want the trouble of puppy training will come along...and want the dog.

Blessings each day said...

Hmmmmmm...I think saying things like "I don't want another dog", or as in my case, "We can't afford a dog and we don't have a fenced in yard"...THOSE words just seal your fate for having the dog in fact, my blog today is all about how we got Tinkabelle and her weird name (it's only half a blog because I have two places to go and will finish this afternoon, hopefully).
Blessings to you,


Aunt Kathy said...

We ended up with a 2nd dog because we helped out another person too, we cared for her for 5 years before we knew we couldn't anymore, and when we got to that point God provided a wonderful animal lover who found Lady a new home. I know God will make the way for you all too.

Off to check out the soap contest.

Wool Winder said...

Sorry to hear about your neighbor. I'm sure she is grateful to know her dog is being taken care of. We have said we are not getting another dog (or any pet) after the ones we have pass away. I wonder what that means for us.

Kerri said...

It's so nice to meet you! I think it's very sweet of you to help take care of your friend and it's so generous of you to keep her dog. I definitely kno wwhat you mean about not wanting a nother dog. They are so much work and it's like having a child tht never grows up! I'm sure your friend and the dog both will love you for eternity for doing this! Thanks you so much for posting such nice things about my site! Now you have been entered 3 times! I am going to add you to my google reader.

Beth said...

It's wonderful that you are helping your neighbor and her dog!

MSM said...

Get a roomba and enjoy Pepper! We can't actually "afford" any of our pets, but God provides - even for the little, noisy, furry things! :)

How wonderful for L to have such awesome neighbors as you!

Kristina P. said...

Thanks for you comment on my giveaway!

I love dogs, but they can be hard to take care of. Good luck with everything!!

nikkicrumpet said...

You guys are so sweet to take in that dog. I hope you do find another family who can love him and give him a good home. They are expensive and a big commitment.

My Open Nest said...

Oh Renna, I hear you say you don't want another dog and I can totally relate. I said the same thing when sweet Shadow showed up as a stray in the neighborhood. We can't imagine life without her now, and neither can Maggie, our yellow lab.
So sorry to hear of your neighbor's health deteriorating, but you've blessed her with a home for Pepper. Thanks~

Tipper said...

How nice you are to take the dog. Maybe God will send someone to take care of it and love it-if not it sounds like you already do!

Tipper said...

How nice you are to take the dog. Maybe God will send someone to take care of it and love it-if not it sounds like you already do!

Emily said...

I know Pepper must really miss her person, but she is blessed to have y'all. I want to hug your neck more than ever!

j~lo said...

Hi Renna,

It's preacherswife from the swap (aka: jennylove). I just stopped by the swap for a minute (can't sleep), and I haven't been there in ages! It is so different. Anyway, I found the thread about everyone's blogs and thought I'd stop by and say "hi". So..."hi"! I look forward to browsing through another time. Your pics are great. I can see that already.



Carol said...

Well aren't you a sweetheart!! I completely understand your dilemma. I believe you will find a great family for Pepper. It will be interesting to see what purpose Pepper was brought into your lives!

cinnamongirl93 said...

How sweet of you to adopt another cute dog. We never know of the plans that lie ahead of us. It's great that you are ready, willing and able to help out.

Robynn's Ravings said...

Hi Renna,

I always follow commenters back to their place. Maybe I'm like that little dog who adopted you!

I wanted to say a big THANK YOU for stopping by my place and for commenting. With the number of blogs out there, I always feel it is a privilege if someone takes the time to come by mine.

And what a tender story. You are a dear person to take this poor woman and dog into your heart, and to take her dog into your home with all its issues.

I have a sign that says, "If you want God to laugh, just tell him your plans." Welcome to dog number two. (Wait, that sentence could have other meanings! lol)

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