Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A Couple of Nuts from our Family Tree

Nikki & Daddy 5-26-08 Ft.Worth, TX
Amidst several 'respectable' family pictures I took last week outside my mom's house, my daughter and Hubby, or as I've taken to calling him, Mr. Studley, had to slip a reality shot in there. He would probably croak if he knew I was sharing this picture with strangers. No need to worry, though, as he'll never see it. My daughter? She could care less. She has no qualms with anyone seeing her be 'real'. Then again, Mr.Studley probably wouldn't mind, either.
No, Mr. Studley doesn't read my blog. None of my family does, but that's okay with me. I actually sort of prefer it. If my mom were computer literate and had a computer, I'm sure she'd read it. Even though Mr. Studley doesn't read it (nor any other blogs), I caught him telling some locals that I have a blog. Once in the car, I informed him I'd just as soon no one around here did know I was blogging. I'm not really sure why.
It isn't that I'd gossip behind anyone's back, or say anything I'd want hidden and yet....I don't know. For some reason, I like maintaining that degree of privacy. I guess I can better handle those I've never met face-to-face knowing the way my mind works than those I see on a regular basis. I wonder why that is? Pride, perhaps? I don't want them knowing how I tend to ramble on and on when no one can interrupt me or shut me up? Remember, I told you I'm shy in person (though I'm working on being less so). Gulp. I hope it's not pride. I guess that's one I should bring up in prayer, huh?
On a completely different note, I, being techie challenged as I am, need to learn to back up the files on my computer. I just heard that sharp intake of breath. You read it right. I've never backed up my files. I've backed up my car, I've backed up my toilet, I'm even backed up in my housework, but I've never backed up my files. Bottom line, I don't know how.
This morning, I got what appeared to be the much dreaded blue screen of death. After manually shutting down my computer and bringing it back up again, I clicked on the Microsoft update thingie and downloaded and installed some other thingie, restarted my computer and now things seem fine. I'm not fooled, though. I'm taking it as a warning sign that I better figure out how to save the things I don't want to lose, such as my pictures and my knitting pattern bookmarks. I wish I could trade some of my dorkiness for some geekiness.
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~Proverbs 1:7, The Message


Tipper said...

Very cute picture. I know exactly how you feel about your family or the local folks reading your blog. I don't think its pride-maybe just a touch of shyness around those who think they know us best?

Good luck with the back up.

Susan said...

Hello, hope everyone is doing fine.We have been on vacation in May.It takes a while to get back in the swing of things.We had a nice time.I agree with you about locals or family reading our blogs.Some may think it is silly talking to people you don't know.I enjoy blogging because you get to know people and their hobbies,thoughts and so on.To me it is a hobby that we can enjoy and can be relaxing.Someone might say something that day to help me.We can also find good receipes to cook also.I thank the Lord for blogger friends.We may never meet here on this earth but will meet in our heavenly home.The picture is cute you took.Have a good week. God Bless.

Sharon said...

What a FUN shot, Renna! You and Mr Studley are such a fine couple!!!! :)
I don't believe any of my family read my blog either, and it doesn't matter to me one bit.

Marilyn@Mixed Bouquet said...

I love that picture! I still say that you and Mike make a cute couple. I'm like you in feeling odd when people I know read my blog. I'm not shy in real life, but it's just...not sure.

Carol said...

Hee. Maybe you are like me and don't want your neighbors to think you are dorky.

cindee said...

Cute picture. I don't tell my friends I have a blog either. My DH knows but he doesn't read it.
I am shy too thats probably why I like blogging(-: I don't feel comfortable talking to people in person.
Backing up your files is a major thing. You just need to check your computer for a backup system or download one for free on the net. Then you save it all on a disk. If you have a dvd writer it can save more or you can do it on several cd's Or if you have a portable harddrive that works too. Kinda depends on how much data you have to save.

Amy said...

I adore that picture!!!

As for family and friends reading blogs. I prefer it. I'd much rather email a friend than call, so I consider it one long email. ;-) I call them about the things I don't share to the world.

And don't you think we all deal with pride? :o)

Wool Winder said...

I have no idea how to back up my files either. My son does that for me, though it's been a year since the last time, so I'm in trouble if something crashes.

Don't keep your blog a secret. It's wonderful and you have no reason to be worried if someone you know reads it. More than likely they will never even take the time to check it out. Most of my friends don't even know what a blog is.

Dana said...

I know a REAL Studley family. For real. Seriously.

cinnamongirl93 said...

Very fun and warm shot of your family. You take really good pictures!

Smith Family said...

Well I am not shy about sharing about my blog. It is on the signature portion of all my emails. But it still means no one sees it. I will tell my sister something..and say it is on my blog. Oh where is that??
I doubt my family checks it, unless I send out a note to go and look at something specific. I guess it doesn't matter, but I am careful about what I blog, just in case.

MSM said...

What a fun family!

- - but don't think I didn't notice the tongue piercing - that freaks me out every time I see one because I CANNOT believe that didn't HURT!!! It's a miracle I even have pierced ears! :)

Shannon said...

Great picture. I enjoy those so much more than the posed and perfect shots. Better to see the essence of who people really are!
I too enjoy a little anonymity in blogging. A select few family members read my blog occassionally but never comment. I do not share it with friends or work people. It is for me and my bloggy friends I get to make in the webworld :)

AlasMyDear said...

one hilarious picture!

i'm just like you when it comes to family and friends reading my blog. i'm so shy about it, i never tell them, and i change the subject when they bring it up. i'm much more open when it comes to people i've never met in real life!

and i'm shy in real life too. maybe that explains it...

2 Much Farm Primitives said...

I can certainly relate.....about everything. And the recipe....I'll have to try it...yum.

Hugs to ya,